The DQ Bakes! Snacks Menu premiered in NYC on Sept. 13. 

MINNEAPOLIS – Dairy Queen introduced some new oven-hot snacks on its new DQ Bakes! Snack Menu at Union Square Park in New York City on Sept. 13. DQ customers elsewhere can try out the new treats, which are all under $2, for a limited time at participating locations.

“In developing the DQ Bakes! Snacks Menu, it was important for us to show these items are not simply smaller versions of products we currently offer like others routinely do in our category,” said Barry Westrum, executive vice president of marketing for American Dairy Queen. “Instead, they are two brand new snacks created with distinct cravings in mind. We know millennials enjoy snacking throughout the day and relied on that insight to create a high-quality menu specifically made for snacking.”

Some items on the new menu are:

•    Soft pretzel sticks with zesty queso: Three soft pretzel sticks, served hot from the oven, topped with salt and served with warm, zesty queso dipping sauce.

•    Potato skins: Potato skins served hot from the oven filled with zesty queso cheese sauce, bacon bits, cheddar cheese and seasoned with salt and pepper.

•    Buffalo chicken snack melt: Grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing and melted cheddar cheese inside a tortilla toasted to perfection.

•    Chicken bacon BBQ snack melt: Grilled chicken, barbecue sauce, bacon and melted cheddar cheese inside a tortilla that is toasted.