GREENTOP, Mo. – Product developers at Western’s Smokehouse LLC have rolled out a new line of snacks that are designed to appeal to the growing demand for healthy snack foods. The family owned processor has earned a reputation for its expertise and diversity in the snack stick category and announced the launch of new offerings in the beef, turkey, pork and chicken categories, touting their attributes that appeal to health-conscious, label-focused consumers. The new sticks include: Original Grass Fed Beef; Sriracha Turkey; BBQ Pineapple Pork; and Buffalo Wing Chicken.

Like most of the company’s other products, the new offerings are distributed and sold nationally at grocery store chains as well as convenience stores and in schools throughout the US.

Kevin Western, COO, said the appeal of simple ingredients, convenience and quality are pushing more customers to scrutinize their snacking options and meat snacks are no exception.

“Snacking has become more popular as an alternative to the traditional three meals a day, with a particular focus on protein,” he said. “Clean, simple ingredient lists are becoming increasingly important, as more consumers turn away from products that use artificial colors, preservatives and additives. We are excited to introduce our new Healthier for You line of snack sticks to the market, and we believe they provide a great tasting snack option for the on-the-go consumer looking for healthier snacking alternatives.”