Bacon Boxes sells bacon-shaped rosebuds in gift boxes.

What could be better than receiving roses as a gift? Perhaps receiving bacon roses instead. Bacon Boxes sells bacon-shaped rosebuds in gift boxes for anyone looking for something delicious to flatter that special someone.

The bacon buds are made from two strips of bacon sourced from free-range Berkshire hogs. The website,, offers a variety of bacon collections including many dipped in dark and white chocolate. There are also different flavors including S’mores, pumpkin spice and bourbon.

Boxes containing four bacon buds cost around $25 and those containing 49 buds cost up to $189.99.

Bacon Boxes was started in February by two Florida women looking for new and unique gifts to give to friends and family.

The company will debut a new bacon bud made from duck in December. The company says its duck bacon will have 57 percent less fat than traditional pork bacon. Customers can preorder duck bacon rosebuds now.