The Guscott Family, Atkins Ranch
Atkins Ranch revamped the company's marketing to reflect how family values underpin operations. Founder Phil Guscott poses with family members.

SAN FRANCISCO – Officials from Atkins Ranch announced it is re-launching its brand of grass-fed lamb this month and is getting a leg up on the promotion from a partnership with participating Whole Foods Market stores across the US. The revamped marketing campaign includes the launch of a new Atkins Ranch website that spells out the nutritional benefits of lamb meat, recipes, and information about the New Zealand-based ranchers that raise lambs for the company.

Dan Neuerburg, meat coordinator with Whole Foods, says the re-launch is an opportunity for the companies to work together to promote the positive attributes of Atkins Ranch’s products.

“Their updated product, packaging, and marketing will give our customers more transparency into the brand, highlighting the numerous health benefits of lean, grass-fed lamb in the diet and the importance of pasture-raised in New Zealand,” he said.

“We believe good food brings people together, and we want to create more of a connection between our ranchers and our customers,” said Phil Guscott, founder, and director of Atkins Ranch.

“It’s all about the personal touch. We bring our ranchers into Whole Food Market stores several times a year to run demos and to meet our customers. We love that our family can meet your family,” he added.