Eliza Cross, author of  ‘101 Things to Do with Bacon’
Eliza Cross, author
Eliza Cross, founder of bacon enthusiast society BENSA International, was recently featured onMyrtle Beach Sun Newswithher book‘101 Things to Do with Bacon’.

Author of thearticle, Joan Leotta, described some of her favorite dishes including bacon maple walnut fudge, sweet potato, bacon, and apple casserole and the bacon roasted squash.

Cross also provides helpful hints including tips on using and draining bacon grease, instructions on freezing bacon, cooking it in the microwave and baking it in the oven.

MEAT+POULTRY recently learned that Cross will be releasing a new book this summer on bacon called ‘101 More Things to Do With Bacon’ on Sept. 6.

Cross will be featured in a future Bacon Business newsletter when she will discuss her new book in depth.