TORONTO- In a recent survey released by M&M Food Market and conducted on the Angus Reid Forum, 76 percent of respondents listed Canadian men as the primary grillers in their household. However, only 39 percent of women rate their partner’s grilling skills highly.

Another interesting number was as little as 23 percent of grillers would rate their own skills highly despite Canadian passion for barbecue. 

“Since most Canadians think their own or their partner’s grilling skills are below average, it’s obvious that there are a lot of consumers that want to improve their grilling prowess,” said Andy O’Brien, CEO, M&M Food Market.

The survey revealed some other fascinating numbers including:

•    More than 34 percent of men rate themselves as proficient or expert grillers and only 13 percent of women express the same confidence

•    Forty-three percent of Canadians barbecue three or more times a week during summer months.

•    Steak (58 percent), hamburgers (55 percent), chicken (42 percent) and sausages or hot dogs (35 percent) are the top items Canadians prefer to grill in summer.