GREELEY, Colo. – JBS USA’s expansion of a beef processing facility in Hyrum, Utah, is up and running, the company said. The new facilities, which cost nearly $100 million to build, became fully operational the week of May 23.

The 191,000 sq.-ft. addition features a new fabrications building, ground beef facility and distribution center. The plant expansion raises production levels by 400 head of cattle per day, with the additional benefits of improving plant efficiencies and more product offerings.

“The completion of these new facilities expands our ability to meet the growing demand for ground beef,” John Flynn, sales and marketing, said in a news release. “It also allows us to strengthen our relationship with the region’s beef and dairy producers, whose high quality cattle have been a large measure of Hyrum’s historical success and customer satisfaction.”

JBS USA acquired the Hyrum facility in 2007 and processes nearly 500,000 head of cattle per year. The company characterized the plant as a “significant player” in the export markets for beef with approximately 20 percent of production going to Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and other destinations.

“We are excited about the opportunity to add value to Hyrum through this strategic investment,” Plant Manager Jay Rawlings said in a statement. “Hyrum is one of our signature facilities and has served as a proud member of the local community for nearly 80 years. With today’s announcement, we build on our legacy of providing the best beef and ground beef products to our customers and solidify our long-standing presence in Hyrum for many years to come.”