Sysco plans to implement a new market structure that reduces the number of U.S. broadline geographic markets from eight to six.

HOUSTON – Sysco Corp. has announced plans to implement a new market structure that reduces the number of US broadline geographic markets from eight to six, effective at the beginning of the company’s new fiscal year on July 3, 2016. Each market team will continue to be led by a market president and include key functional leaders across finance, merchandising, supply chain and human resources to provide support to Sysco’s operating companies and help drive solid execution of various corporate initiatives, said Tom Bené, president and COO.

Tom Bené, president and COO of Sysco

“We believe that the work we’ve done in building the capability of the organization through the functional structure over the past two years makes this the right time for us to evolve our structure,” Bené said during a May 2 conference call with financial analysts. “This change will reduce overall administrative cost in the field, drive efficiency through a more standardized approach, and improve execution to our customers.”

In conjunction with the restructuring, Sysco announced the promotion of three leaders. Greg Bertrand has been named senior vice president, US food service operations, and will oversee all US broadline operating companies. Scott Sonnemaker has been appointed senior vice president, international food service operations Americas, and will be responsible for Sysco Canada, Bahamas Foodservices, International Food Group and Sysco’s joint ventures with Mayca Distributors in Costa Rica and Pacific Star Foodservice in Mexico. Bill Goetz has been named senior vice president of sales and marketing. Bertrand, Sonnemaker and Goetz will continue to report to Bené in their new positions.

“These are just a few of the key priorities and changes that are positively impacting our operational and financial results,” Bené said. “And while we need to continue to execute at a high level, I’m confident we are on the right path to achieve our long-term objectives.”

For the third quarter ended March 26, Sysco had net earnings of $217,136,000, equal to 38 cents per share on the common stock, up 23 percent from $176,955,000, or 30 cents, in the prior-year period. Sales advanced 2.2 percent to $12,002,791,000 from $11,746,659,000.