CHICAGO — Working with Sealed Air's Cryovac Food Solutions, Chicago Meat Authority has introduced a line of products that use Sealed Air’s Marinade on Demand (M.O.D.) technology. These products combine various marinades and meats in a single package, though they remain in separate pockets until the user is ready to marinate and cook.

Schwan’s Home Delivery Company is stocking two of these product options: Chimichurri Beef and Herb and Garlic Pork Fillet, both using value cuts of meat. C.M.A. is also capable of manufacturing Teriyaki, Szechwan, Ginger Sesame, Marsala, Lemon Garlic, Fajita with Natural Lime, Mesquite, Barbecue and Montreal Style Steak marinades to pair with the appropriate protein.

Protein options could include portioned seafood, steaks, pork chops, pork tenderloins and chicken breasts. Marinades may include acidic ingredients such as natural fruit juices or vinegar, as the marinade does not come into contact with the protein until the customer so chooses.

C.M.A.’s M.O.D. products are made with a two-part thermoformed roll-stock package that separate meat from a marinade creating an easy and sanitary marinating process, the company said.

"This has been a great partnership effort in the development of a new and innovative product line that addresses industry concerns and truly meets the needs of the marketplace on so many fronts," said Chris Marriott, C.M.A. vice-president of business development.

To release the marinade and allow it to contact the meat, users squeeze the marinade compartment — breaking the seal between the protein and the liquid. Marinade is then transferred to the meat side beginning the marinating process that lasts as long as the user desires. The new products also offer food-safety benefits with hands-free marinating.

C.M.A.’s M.O.D. product line features knifeless opening, leak-proof packaging, flexible portion sizes and restaurant-quality meats along with a variety of marinade choices.