McCormick grilling trends infographic
Click image for larger view. (Infographic: McCormick & Company)

HUNT VALLEY, Md. – Smoke, salt and sear are some of the trends consumers can expect to see during the 2015 grilling season, according to McCormick & Company, a leading provider of flavors and seasonings.

Among the trends to emerge in 2015, McCormick says brunch will move to the backyard. Expect to see classic brunch fare infused with smoky flavor from the grill. Also, seasonings for grilled meat and vegetables will go beyond the traditional salt and pepper combination to include spices, citrus, bacon and other flavors.

“We identified the up-and-coming grilling trends and flavors, then created simple tips to bring them to life in backyards across America,” said Chef Kevan Vetter of the McCormick Kitchens. “For example, with our Backyard Brunch trend, we use cedar planks for more than just salmon. Try cracking an egg into a cut-out hole in toast set on a plank, then sprinkle with an applewood rub for smoky grilled flavor.”