OTTAWA, Ontario – Canadian government officials confirmed the presence of H5 avian influenza on a turkey farm near Woodstock, Ontario. Japan and Taiwan imposed trade restrictions on poultry and poultry product from Ontario following the confirmation. Ontario leads all Canadian provinces in turkey production.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) quarantined the affected farm and a neighboring farm. The agency plans to implement a surrounding surveillance zone for further testing and movement control measures. Additionally, CFIA is conducting additional tests to determine the precise subtype and strain of the virus and pathogenicity. Initial tests were conducted on April 5 after the farmer reported sudden deaths of birds over several days, CFIA said.

News reports state about 7,500 birds died, and the remaining 4,500 turkeys in an infected barn will be culled. CFIA said the provincial government will provide technical support on carcass disposal. CFIA will oversee the cleaning and disinfection of the barns, vehicles, equipment and tools to eliminate any infectious material that may remain after the all of the birds are removed from the farm.

Reuters reported that poultry and poultry product sales to Taiwan and Japan totaled C$9 million in 2014.