SPRINGDALE, Ark. – Tyson Foods Inc. will close its poultry-processing facility in Buena Vista, Ga., and end a third shift at its Dawson, Ga. plant.

The plant closure is part of the company's strategy to increase efficiencies in its Georgia poultry business. Tyson said changing product needs, the age of the facility and prohibitive renovation costs were factors leading to the plant's closure.

Tyson said 190 employees at Buena Vista and another 70 individuals at the Dawson facility. The third shift will end April 10.

“Because these changes affect our team members and their families, it was a very tough decision,” said Noel White, president of Poultry for Tyson Foods. “Our business needs have changed in southern Georgia, so after a great deal of consideration, we’ve decided to take these steps in order to best serve our customers.”

Tyson said the company will work with state officials to inform employees about unemployment benefits and any potential re-training opportunities.

Meanwhile, expansion of Tyson's Vienna, Ga. facility is in progress. The company is changing the focus of the plant's production to tray pack chicken at a cost of $110 million. Tyson said the expansion and conversion project will add more than 700 jobs when it’s completed mid-year.