BELLEVUE, Wash.- -Whole Foods Market plans for continued expansion in Western Canada with three new locations: Greater Victoria, British Columbia; Edmonton, Alberta; and Calgary, Alberta.
Currently, the company operates four stores in British Columbia, with locations in development in North Burnaby (expected to open in August 2015) and North Vancouver (expected to open in summer 2017). The store serving Greater Victoria will be the sixth store in British Columbia. Stores serving Edmonton and Calgary are Whole Foods Market’s first locations in Alberta.

“Whole Foods Market has been in Canada for more than 10 years, and our success has been built, first and foremost, by our team members,” said Joe Rogoff, president of Whole Foods Market’s Pacific Northwest Region. “Their ability to create a unique store experience that meets the very specific needs of the communities they serve has made a fundamental difference. This individualized store experience has created strong relationships between the brand and our customers and has enabled us to grow to 10 stores in BC and Ontario. We’re thrilled to become part of these new communities.”

The stores in Greater Victoria and Alberta are anticipated to open in fall 2016. The site in Calgary is expected to open in the summer of 2017.

“We will be working with growers, suppliers, ranchers and manufacturers in Alberta and on Vancouver Island to source as many local products and services as we can find,” Rogoff said. “We’ll be connecting with community groups, other businesses, nonprofits and local community leaders to help us design our store and services and create dynamic partnerships.”