Eggs in carton
Michael Foods believes cage-free is the future of egg production.

ST. LOUIS – Michael Foods, a division of Post Holdings Inc., committed to future investment in cage-free eggs to meet consumer demand. Michael Foods is the sixth-largest egg producer in the United States.

In a statement, the company said it is paying close attention to all issues affecting the national egg supply, including customer needs, consumer demand and hen housing systems. As demand for cage-free eggs grows, Michael Foods said it will continue to invest in the production of cage-free eggs to meet demand and advocate for cage-free egg products.

“Cage-free is emerging as the likely future of the egg industry,” said Jim Dwyer, Michael Foods’ president and CEO. “Our customers are increasingly requesting cage-free eggs and products made from cage-free eggs. We are actively working with our customers and suppliers to transition to cage-free housing to anticipate demand.”

The company added that it will ensure the transition to cage-free egg production will occur in a way that is “sustainable for all stakeholders, including the dedicated farmers who are the foundation of the egg supply system.”