NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Shoney's announced its committed to serve 100 percent cage-free eggs in all of its restaurants by 2025 on March 24.

The restaurant chain will work with suppliers to back brands dedicated to humane animal treatment and expects a smooth transition to cage-free shortly.

"We have begun the process of working closely with our suppliers to determine the best sourcing for our eggs and want to be advocates of and partners with the evolution of our supply sourcing chain," said David Davoudpour, Shoney's chairman and CEO. "We feel this is the right move for our iconic brand and is part of our overarching commitment to providing our guests with fresh quality food at a great value, in the right way. We are proud to be a leader in this cage-free initiative."

Eggs have been a staple on the menus of Shoney’s for nearly 70 years. Shoney's serves over 50 million eggs per year to its customers.

"This is about a movement, not a trend," said Davoudpour. "Eggs have been a part of our great history and will be a part of this brand's bright future."