WTI Inc. installed solar panels at its headquarters in Jefferson, Ga.
WTI's new solar energy system consists of 1,610 panels.

JEFFERSON, Ga. – WTI Inc., a food industry supplier, announced the completion of a new state-of-the-art solar panel energy generation system at the company’s headquarters in Jefferson, Ga. The new energy system features 1,610 solar panels that generate approximately 40 percent to 45 percent of WTI’s energy usage.

“This project reinforces WTI’s dedication to environmental conservation, while serving our customers and being a good corporate neighbor,” said Wolfgang Ludwig, owner and CEO of WTI.

Additionally, WTI installed a “super sack” system in its dry blending department. The new system produces only one sack — instead of 50 empty sacks per pallet. This new system along with WTI’s comprehensive recycling plan, enable WTI to reduce its waste by 70 percent, according to the company.

Installing LED lights and timers throughout its facility, purchasing fuel efficient company vehicles, and using energy efficient heating and cooling units add to WTI’s commitment to go green.