SALISBURY, NC – Freirich Foods, Inc. announced on Feb. 6 the completion of a photovoltaic solar energy system on the company’s Salisbury, NC, processing facility.

The 93-kilowatt system is comprised of 377 solar panels that cover 5,600 sq. ft. of unused roof space, according to the company. A non-penetrating solution clamps the system directly to the standing-seam metal roof. The solar energy system generates enough electricity to power 10 average US homes and will offset annual CO2 emission equivalent to 8,113 gallons of gasoline, the company reported. United Renewable Energy, LLC, a commercial solar contractor, engineered, procured and constructed the system using local workers.

“United Renewable Energy is proud to partner with Freirich Foods,” said William Silva, president of United Renewable Energy. “This project is a great example of a solar energy installation that is good for the bottom line.”

Freirich Foods is no stranger to incorporating sustainability initiatives with business operations. The company developed a comprehensive recycling program that diverts more than 200 tons of waste from landfills annually. Freirich also offers cash incentives for employees who purchase electric vehicles and provides charging stations free of charge to employees.

“We are committed to operating sustainably and protecting our environment.” said Paul Bardinas, Freirich Foods’ president.