SUMMIT, NJ – Merck Animal Health launched a program aimed at helping cattle producers improve the health of cattle herds.

Creating Connections focuses on cattle behavior. Through the program, cattle producers can learn to recognize behavior cues in cattle and employ strategies that can reduce stress, improve reproduction and foster stronger immune responses, according to Merck Animal Health.

“The behavior of cattle – how they interact with each other and with people – can be shaped by positive interactions with caregivers, and tell us a tremendous amount about how cattle are feeling,” said Tom Noffsinger, DVM, a consulting feed-yard veterinarian known for his work on low-stress cattle handling practices. “Creating Connections is a valuable tool to help producers all over the world improve herd health, as well as contribute to a safe environment for cattle and their handlers.”

The program includes a series of videos that explain how cattle behaviors can be interpreted to understand their comfort and well-being. Merck Animal Health will release additional resources, such as learning modules and training seminars in the coming months.