INDIANAPOLIS – A beef cattle herd in Franklin County, Indiana, tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB) and was quarantined, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) reported. This is the second beef cattle herd to test positive; the first was in April.

BOAH officials said that as of Dec. 23, 335 herds totaling 5,067 cattle within a 10-mile surveillance zone had been tested for the disease. Another 35 herds need to be tested to meet the year-end goal, the agency noted.

“We have received excellent cooperation and support from cattle producers, veterinarians, local officials and hunters,” State Veterinarian Bret D. Marsh said in a statement. “BOAH’s primary goal is to find infection wherever it may exist so it can be eliminated. Testing in the 10-mile circle plus the Whitewater River corridor is working well, and so far only one additional herd has been found positive.”

BOAH added that the newly identified herd was found within the existing 10-mile surveillance zone, so no new herds need to be tested. Neighboring herds within 3 miles already tested negative.

Indiana will not lose its TB-free status due to a federal order issued in 2010; however the BOAH must submit a TB plan to the US Dept. of Agriculture by mid-February.