WOOSTER, Ohio – The Certified Angus Beef brand has added glatt kosher meat products to its line-up in partnership with Golden West Food Group, Vernon, Calif.

The beef meets two levels of certification — Orthodox Union certification for glatt kosher, and the CAB brand's 10 quality standards. The CAB kosher beef was launched in kosher restaurants owned by Prime Hospitality Group.

“This product extends our 35-year heritage of offering chefs and consumers the choice of premium beef,” said Mark Polzer, CAB’s vice president of business development. “We are pleased to partner with Golden West Food Group and Prime Hospitality to bring Certified Angus Beef brand Kosher to the table.”

The new kosher beef is currently being served at The Prime Grill, Prima at the Bentley and Prime KO. Consumers can also purchase kosher CAB brand beef at Prime Butcher Baker store.

“We are so excited to be the first kosher establishment to be offering the Certified Angus Beef brand to our customers,” said Joey Allaham, owner of Prime Hospitality Group. “We pride ourselves on presenting our guests with the most innovative and delicious kosher creations and now we are at the forefront of yet another groundbreaking change for the Kosher community.”