MINONG, Wis. – Jack Link's announced a new brand of snack sticks geared toward teens and young adults called SQUATCH Sticks. The snack sticks feature a "unique, spicy flavor", and the brand is inspired by Millennials.

“SQUATCH is the first brand Jack Link’s has tested directly with Millennial consumers,” said Jeff LeFever, vice president of marketing at Jack Link’s. “With this unique, in-depth perspective and the new brand’s strong connection to Jack Link’s popular and award-winning ‘Messin’ with Sasquatch’ advertising campaign, we believe SQUATCH is poised to become a major competitor in the meat stick segment.”

SQUATCH Sticks are available in 1-oz. packages and come in two flavors — Original and Hot. The product is currently available at convenience stores and other retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $1.29.