MINONG, Wis. – Jack Link’s newly launched Big Dippers consists of the brand’s meat snacks coupled with conveniently packaged and sealed dipping sauces.

Offerings include All American (beef sticks with cheese sauce); Barbecue (beef sticks with barbecue sauce); and Buffalo Chicken (seasoned buffalo chicken strips with buffalo and ranch sauce). Each 3.5-oz. plastic tray contains two separate compartments: one housing the meat snack and the other for the 1.5-oz. sealed cup of dipping sauce. A flexible foil film complete with graphics is sealed over the top of each tray and just requires peeling back to open. A peg-board hole is also featured at the top of each package to display product vertically. The suggested retail price for the new product is $3.99.

“Big Dippers are a unique product in the smarter snacking universe,” said Jeff LeFever, vice president of marketing for the company. “Each package pairs America’s favorite Jack Link’s meat snacks with an enticing sauce in a separate dipping cup, giving consumers a boost of protein with even bigger flavor.”

Jack Link’s relays Big Dippers offer a new way to enjoy meat snacks and feature a high-protein alternative to chips, pretzels and other snacks. The “on-the-go” package caters to busy lifestyles.

In 2012, Technomic Inc. surveyed 1,500 consumers on snacking occasions. Approximately half of the respondents (48 percent) said they snack at least two times per day. Sixty-six percent of consumers snack when they are hungry and it’s not time yet for a full meal.

Jack Link’s Big Dippers are now available in stores throughout the US.