CHICAGO -- Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC acquired David's Kosher from Agri Star Meat & Poultry LLC in Postville, Iowa. David's Kosher products recently debuted at the Dutch Farms Food Show, Tinley Park, Ill.

David’s Kosher all-beef hot dogs will be available at retail by March 15, according to the David Van Kampen, president and COO of Best Chicago Meat Co. Additionally, David’s Kosher will launch “The Classic,” a hot dog made from Kosher chicken and beef.

“Months ago, we identified a need for another brand in the Kosher hot dog category,” Van Kampen said. “We welcome this opportunity to add David’s Kosher to our quality brands. We are proud to can offer a superior product at lower prices.”

“The frank has a superior taste and is naturally smoked,” he added. “It’s also gluten free, and no fillers, soy, artificial colors or by-products are used.”

Best Chicago Meat currently offers four major brands: David’s Kosher, Moo & Oink, Jemmburger and Glenmark.