SEATTLE – Oberto unveiled its new America's PROtein campaign, a partnership between the jerky snack maker and several elite athletes from a variety of sports.

The campaign aims to inform consumers about the role of protein in helping people lead an active lifestyle and position Oberto jerky products as an all-natural, high-protein source. Louie Vito, a world-famous professional snowboarder, debuts as the campaign's Official “Stokesperson”, according to the company. Vito will be featured in the multimedia initiative with training and biographical videos, social media activities and other marketing initiatives. The campaign will run until the end of 2014.

“Louie Vito is a great fit for our brand due to our many shared values,” said Greg Yahn, vice president of marketing for Oberto Brands. “We know Oberto can help him ‘Eat Excellent’ as he strives to ‘Be Excellent’ and perform at the highest level. Also, the lean, all-natural protein in Oberto helps provide the sustained energy necessary to live a more active lifestyle.”

Vito has won four of the last five US Grand Prix Championships and has been on the podium at nearly all the recent global competitions. He is contending for a spot on the US Olympic team headed to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympic Games.

“I’ve taken my competition to the next level, and partnering with Oberto has helped me get the most out of my training,” Vito said. “Training and skill are necessary to compete at the world level — but too often nutrition is taken for granted. Oberto is a natural and authentic sponsor for me since I'm a huge fan of their all-natural products. And I'm stoked to be representing the brand.”