Addressing topics ranging from new formulation ideas for bacon products to reducing sodium in meat and poultry products, Meat&Poultry Editor, Joel Crews and ingredient expert, Donna Berry conducted an informative Webinar Dec. 11, which is now available to be downloaded. During the Webinar, Berry discusses how innovations in formulation technology is evolving across the board. Liquid kelp extract, licorice extract and even plums were among some of the ingredients having merit when it comes to enhancing taste, texture and shelf-life attributes of meat products.

"Who would have thought that ingredients made from dried plums, the prune of yesteryear, can actually play a role in improving the eating quality of meat and poultry," Berry said during her presentation. She went on to discuss some of the hottest ingredient trends in 2013 and provided a glimpse into what is on the horizon in 2014.

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