CHICAGO – Bison Bourguignon may be coming to a retail store near you in 2014.

Alexandria, Va.-based Cuisine Solutions, a leading provider of sous-vide gourmet entrees, has made a commercial agreement with Denver-based Golden Bison to develop a line of sous-vide bison dishes. The new Plain Smart product line is set to launch in early 2014. Dishes will include Bison Bourguignon and Bison Flat Iron Steaks. The line will is prepared sous-vide which means the food is vacuum sealed in plastic bags and slow-cooked in water until evenly cooked through.

“The marriage of bison and sous-vide is a match made in heaven for the health-conscious consumer,” said Marc Brennet, vice president of Retail Brands of Cuisine Solutions. “We are proud to partner with Golden Bison and bring about the perfect combination of meat and cooking technique. Together we can deliver consumers healthy, gourmet dishes that taste like they were prepared in a restaurant kitchen.”

For anyone who can't wait until next year to sample the gourmet entrees, Cuisine Solutions will be sampling the Plant Smart dishes at the Private Label Manufacturer's Association trade show Nov. 17-19 in Chicago.

Golden Bison Consolidated is an integrated family of bison businesses that sells products under the High Plains Bison, Carmen Creek Gourmet Meats and Plain Smart brands.