MIAMI – Burger King has brought back its Big King sandwich, another salvo in the better burger wars.

The new sandwich features two beef patties, fresh lettuce, onions and King Sauce, all on a three-layer toasted sesame seed bun. Burger King previously offered the sandwich as a limited time promotion. But the company is currently offering the Big King as a permanent menu item for $3.69.

News reports have noted similarities between the Big King and its competitor, McDonald's Big Mac. An Associated Press report stated the new Big King has a middle bun, a hallmark of the Big Mac.

“What makes the new Big King different than any other burger on the market is the unique fire-grilling that Burger King has been known for, for almost 60 years,” said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer, North America. “With our flavorful, signature King Sauce and the fulfilling bite of two savory fire-grilled patties layered between three toasted buns, the Big King delivers a stacked burger experience that we know everyone loves.”