WEST LIBERTY, Iowa – West Liberty Foods, LLC has achieved landfill-free status at all of the company’s facilities, the company announced Jan. 10.

The company’s primary facility in West Liberty, Iowa was the most recent to have its status independently verified by NSF International Strategic Registrations on Dec. 13. The certification means that total waste from the company’s West Liberty facility entering the landfill is less than 1 percent.

“This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in the history of our company, our industry and our state,” said Ed Garrett, president and CEO of West Liberty Foods. “Being landfill free is a testament to our team, and it is my hope that other companies will see our success here and undertake similar initiatives in their own businesses.”

Through its landfill free initiative, the company was able to divert more than 2 million lbs. of waste from the local landfill. West Liberty employees created environmentally friendly solutions despite the unique challenges they faced, according to the company.

“The West Liberty team used innovation to convert soiled plastic into a combustible material that would be accepted by the disposal incinerator,” said Gerald Lessard, vice president and COO for the company. “The utilization of this technology exemplified the innovative character of West Liberty Foods and our team members.”

West Liberty Foods is among the first companies to have its landfill-free status verified by a third-party auditor.