DUBLIN – Traces of horse meat have been found in a batch of beef supermarket burgers in Ireland. The meat allegedly originated at two meat processing plants – Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods, according to the Irish Independent. As a result, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has begun a major probe after horse DNA was found in beef samples taken from two meat processing plants.

Some of Ireland’s leading supermarkets, including Tesco, Dunnes, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland have reportedly purchased this suspect meat.

After FSAI examined 27 beef-burger products, 10 tested positive for horse DNA while 23 tested positive for pig DNA. Thirty-one beef meal products, which includes cottage pie, beef curry pie, lasagna, etc., were also tested and 21 were found positive for pig DNA. However, all beef meal products were negative for horse DNA. Horse DNA traces were also found in batches of raw ingredients, including some imported from Holland and Spain.

FSAI confirms a major investigation is underway into how horsemeat entered the food chain, but it further stressed as there is no food-safety issue -- there is no risk to human health.