DUBLIN, Ireland – Burger King announced the company has switched suppliers for its Irish and British restaurants after food safety authorities in Ireland found horse DNA in ground beef, according to the Irish Independent.

Traces of horse meat were found in a batch of beef supermarket burgers in Ireland. Silvercrest Foods was identified as a source. A Burger King spokesman said the company replaced all Silvercrest products in the United Kingdom and Ireland with products from another supplier as a precaution. The spokesman said the move was voluntary and precautionary, and may result in some menu items being temporarily unavailable.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland found that a total of 10 of the 27 products (37 percent) analyzed tested positive for horse DNA and 23 (85 percent) tested positive for pig DNA. The agency also analyzed 31 beef meal products (cottage pie, beef curry pie, lasagna, etc.) and found that 21 tested positive for pig DNA but all were negative for horse DNA. Traces of horse DNA also were found in batches of raw ingredients, including some imported from The Netherlands and Spain, according to FSAI.

Silvercrest Foods suspended production after additional tests of its meat products were found to contain traces of horse meat.