RANDERS, Denmark – A majority of workers in Danish Crown’s pork division rejected a proposal to invest up to DKK600 million ($105.9 million) of slaughterhouse workers’ pay in pig production over four years.

The deal was subject to the condition that individual farmers increase their pig production. Factory managers and top management at DC Pork also committed making a contribution. The union developed the proposal to increase production of slaughter-ready pigs to at least three million animals and save jobs.

“As union representatives, we were well aware that we were embarking on a completely new course of action by proposing that we, the employees, should invest in our own workplaces,” said Lars Mose, chairman of the committee of union representatives in Danish Crown. “However, we were doing so because we truly hoped that our colleagues would support this initiative to safeguard our jobs.”

Danish Crown said the defeat of the proposal raises the prospect of job losses. Danish Crown said company officials will now decide how to best match capacity with the number of pigs for slaughter.