DES MOINES, Iowa – A former Agriprocessors manager will plead guilty to conspiring to harbor and recruit undocumented workers and then fleeing to Israel after a federal raid on the plant in 2008, according to local news reports.

Hosam Amara will enter a guilty plea for one count of conspiring to harbor undocumented workers for profit under terms of a plea agreement between Amara and the US attorney's office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss several other counts of harboring undocumented workers and document fraud.

The May 2008 raid on Agriprocessors netted 389 arrests, making it the largest immigration raid at the time. Amara was indicted in November 2008 and became a fugitive when he didn’t turn himself in to authorities. He was arrested in Israel in March 2011 by Israeli authorities acting on an extradition request from the US. Amara challenged the extradition, but Israel's Supreme Court rejected his final appeal in March 2013. Amara was extradited to the US in May.