DES MOINES, Iowa –Neil Dierks, CEO of the National Pork Producers Council, said NPPC and its state pork producer affiliates support passage of a five-year Farm Bill and urge congressional lawmakers to vote yes on the bill before the House of Representatives.

“NPPC and 26 of its state affiliates signed onto a July 2 letter, urging support for a Farm Bill,” an NPPC statement said. Prior to being sent to the House leadership, the letter was changed to include a statement of opposition if the nutrition title were split from the House Farm Bill.”

“NPPC and its affiliates were not aware of that change and would not have signed onto the letter had they known about the change,” the statement said. “In fact, while removing the nutrition title is an unorthodox approach, NPPC and its affiliates support it -- if it leads to passage of a new Farm Bill, which is imperative to America’s pork producers.”