WALTHAM, MASS. — A testing method to help food producers detect Salmonella contamination named the Salmonella Rapid Culture Method has been developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. The test delivers highly accurate results in less than 48 hours, compared to up to four days using other methods, according to the company.

The Association of Analytical Communities granted Performance Testing Methods status to this new testing solution. The new method employs two novel culture products in a simple two-step procedure. The A.O.A.C. granted Performance Testing Methods status after trials demonstrated that the method delivered consistent, accurate results that can allow food companies to confirm their products are free from Salmonella, the company stated.

"The recent Salmonella crisis underscores the fact that food producers can never be too vigilant," said Tom Floyd, president, microbiology products, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "The financial and emotional consequences of even one food-safety incident can be staggering, from overnight bankruptcies to, much worse, loss of life."

Solutions that detect pathogens should not disrupt the production process, and the company is committed to delivering technology and methods that are both accurate and rapid, he added.

"For the method approval, we tested the combination of ONE-Broth Salmonella plus Brilliance Salmonella (Salmonella Rapid Culture Method) on ground beef, ground chicken, lettuce, shrimp and shell eggs. Red meat and poultry are perfect candidates for the Salmonella Rapid Culture Method," Richard St. Clair, group marketing manager, told MEATPOULTRY.com.

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