SÁO PAULO, Brazil –The first Brazilian company to make a pork shipment to Japan will be BRF. Its initial shipment plans to leave Itajai port on July 14 and will consist of filets and shoulder (coppa) of pork, produced at the Campos Novos Santa Catarina (SC) unit, which is one of the two company plants cleared for exporting pork to Japan.

Mitsubishi, one of the largest players in the meat segment operating in Japan, is the importer. In the late 1990s, commercial relations between Mitsubishi and BRF began and reached fruition three years ago with a shipment of chicken meat.

BRF's Herval D'Oeste, SC unit has also been approved to slaughter and produce pork for export to the Japanese market. The company relays both plants incorporate the most internationally advanced technologies and ensure the strictest of sanitary conditions. Both facilities are also located in Santa Catarina, the only state in Brazil to win OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) recognition as being free of foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination, a mandatory requirement for plants exporting meat to Japan.