NEW YORK — If breakfast sandwiches are really the “glue” that holds the Dunkin’ Donuts business together, things are about to get stickier following the company’s announcement it will launch a glazed donut breakfast sandwich nationwide on June 7, which happens to be National Donut Day.

The sandwich, which features a fried egg and cherrywood-smoked bacon inside a split glazed yeast ring donut, will become a permanent menu item at Dunkin’ Donuts US restaurants. The sandwich has 360 calories.

“The glazed donut is light and fluffy and gives you just the right amount of sweetness,” said Stan Frankenthaier, executive chef and vice president of global product innovation. “Combined with the lightly salted, smoked bacon, the texture and flavors marry together in a wonderful way. It’s a delicious bite of the perfect harmonization of sweet and savory flavors.”

News of the product’s launch coincided with a June 4 presentation made by Nigel Travis, chairman and chief executive officer, at the Goldman Sachs Lodging, Gaming, Restaurant and Leisure Conference in New York. During the conference, Travis identified the company’s breakfast sandwiches as being a difference maker in what is oftentimes a complicated US market.

“Our breakfast sandwiches, I think, are like the glue,” he said. “It attracts people to the beverages. It migrates people from one form of food, i.e., donuts through to beverages.”

Travis said the glazed donut breakfast sandwich launch exemplifies the broader strategy within the food program at Dunkin’ Donuts: to differentiate in everything the company does and deliver on a high margin opportunity.

“We’ve got literally 1,000 different breakfast sandwich products, if you take all the different carriers and the different proteins,” Travis said. “So that’s worked very well. But I think what we’ve found is that customers like trying new sandwiches.”

He said he expects the new glazed donut sandwich “is probably going to do very well.”