LONDON – Birds Eye announced it will source all of its beef from suppliers in the United Kingdom and Ireland following the beef labeled as horse meat scandal, according to news reports.

The company plans to extend its 100 percent UK and Irish beef sourcing plan to all its other beef-based products such as frozen meals, meat pies and dinners by the end of the year. The company also will have a new labeling system to advertise its commitment to the sourcing pledge.

Birds Eye was caught up in the horse meat scandal after DNA testing revealed one of its suppliers had received beef containing horse meat from an Irish processor. Following the discovery, the company introduced a new DNA testing program in which minced beef must pass three stages of DNA testing before reaching store shelves. All Birds Eye suppliers have agreed to DNA test all products entering and leaving their facilities, the company said, and Birds Eye will then conduct its own DNA tests before product is shipped to supermarkets.