CHUBBUCK, Idaho – Customers at a Papa Murphy’s pizza restaurant in Chubbuck, Idaho, may have been exposed to hepatitis A, Southeastern Idaho Public Health reported May 3.

An employee at the establishment was confirmed to have the disease on May 2, however there is currently no evidence of a hepatitis A outbreak associated with the Chubbuck location, the agency said. Risk to public health is low however customers may have been exposed on April 19-21.

“Papa Murphy’s has cooperated fully with the investigation into the situation,” Southeastern Idaho Public Health said in a statement. “The employee is believed to have practiced good hand hygiene but could have inadvertently contaminated food and drinks at the establishment. The risk of exposure is considered small, but not zero.”

Hepatitis A is a liver disease that is usually spread by eating or drinking foods that have been contaminated with hepatitis A from someone who hasn’t practiced proper hygiene after using the bathroom, according to the agency. Southeastern Idaho Public Health recommended vaccination against the virus for anyone who is not immune to hepatitis A (due to a previous vaccination or previous illness), and who has eaten uncooked foods such as cookie dough, uncooked pizza toppings or salad.