WASHINGTON – The US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (ARS) released a final rule expanding the contracting authority for the Beef Promotion and Research Program.

Previously, only national non-profit industry-governed organizations that were active and ongoing before implementation of the Beef Promotion and Research Act could contract with the Beef Promotion Operating Committee. The new rule eliminates the date requirement, allowing qualified organizations created since 1986 to contract with the Beef Promotion Operating Committee to provide Beef Checkoff programs, according to ARS. The organizations must have been active and ongoing for at least two years, according to the agency.

"With the goal of enhancing the overall success and support of the Beef Checkoff Program, several beef industry organizations met recently and agreed that it was necessary to expand the contracting authority established under the Act and Order to uphold the integrity of the Beef Checkoff Program," ARS said.

Details of the final rule will be published in the Federal Register.