JALANDHAR, India – Subway, the world's biggest restaurant chain with 37,000 outlets (including 280 in India), is planning to roll out its first ever all-vegetarian outlet in response to Lovely Professional Univ., a private state university in Jalandhar. According to a report in The Times of India, the restaurant was expected to be operational in August of this year.

The university, operated by a strict Hindu Mittal community known to promote vegetarian meals on the campus, signed the agreement with Subway in November 2011.

"We, as a brand, are always sensitive to the requirements of the markets, Chetan Arora, development agent, Subway India told TOI. “India as a country has a large vegetarian population and right from the beginning we have had separate counters for our vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. In reviewing the requirements of the university campus and customer demands we have created an all veg menu for our Subway outlet at LPU.”

Subway currently has 280 outlets in India. None of them sell beef products, and all of them have separate counters that serve vegetarian items such as chickpeas, aloo (potato) patties and veggie shammi, a vegetarian version of shammi kebabs that are usually made with minced meat.