TORONTO – A fire was detected in the packaging area at the Maple Leaf Foods facility on Lagimodiere Road, Winnipeg, on Aug. 10 at approximately 10:45 a.m. Employees immediately evacuated the building and no injuries were reported. The fire was contained within one hour.

Fire officials stated they believe the fire began on the roof when hot roofing materials ignited. Damages are being determined by insurance adjustors, and the damage was primarily contained to the electrical system. Preliminary estimates are significantly less than those cited in earlier media reports, the company relayed.

Maple Leaf’s Lagimodiere plant processes cooked hams, back bacon, fresh sausages and value-added ham products. Some areas of the facility, including ham boning operations, resumed production on their normal schedules starting Monday. Other areas of the plant will require temporary repairs and it is expected to take a minimum of one week to resume full production.

Maple Leaf officials reported the fire did not damage work underway to expand bacon processing at the facility.