BRAMPTON, Ontario – As part of Canada’s AgriProcessing Initiative, Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. will receive an investment of more than $826,000 (US$831,650) from the Harper government. This investment will help the company to buy new manufacturing equipment designed to produce a higher-quality sausage more resistant to splitting or bursting while cooking for its Brampton, Ontario plant. The company is the first to apply this technology in Canada. This five-year, up-to-$50-million (US $50,342,005) initiative, is designed to enhance the competitiveness of the agri-processing sector in Canada.

Cardinal Meat Specialists produces high-quality meat products for retail markets. These business improvements will allow the company to introduce a new product to the market, increase production and sales plus support creating new jobs. Enhanced production will also equate to an increase in Cardinal’s procurement of Canadian beef, pork and wheat.

"The AgriProcessing Initiative fits perfectly with Cardinal's philosophy of striving to lead our industry in the generation of useful innovation, and will help Cardinal develop niche products, stimulate competitiveness in, and expand, the Canadian agri-processing marketplace," said Brent Cator, Cardinal president. "This program supports strong leaders such as Cardinal and further develops Canada's role in sustainable, long-term growth strategies in market segments."

It provides support to existing companies for projects involving the adoption of innovative, new-to-company manufacturing technologies and processes.