HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. — BioCentric Energy agreed on April 8 to provide a team of scientists and sufficient amounts of four strains of dried algae to work with one of the largest poultry companies in the U.S. for a detailed analysis of its algae as a nutritional supplement.

"Our team felt it was in our best interests to commit our efforts to this unique evaluation," said Dennis Fisher, chief executive officer. "Our ultimate goal is to deliver a written statement of the value, quality, importance and extent to verify what we have been stating for years. Algae have become one of the mainstream conversations of our country's future. If you can build the economics with the solution, you have a winning business model."

When asked about the benefits of incorporating algae as a nutritional supplement to poultry feed, Mr. Fisher told "I could go on for days...healthier animals, Omega 3 infused into their system and less antibiotics required (are among benefits). We have a study going on right now in the Czech Republic with pigs...this study will be completed in September."

Incorporating algae would cost about the same as flaxseed, Mr. Fisher said.

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