HARTFORD – E.E. Mucke & Sons Inc., a historic meat processing business in Hartford, Conn., announced it is selling its recipes and brand to Rachael’s Food Corp., Chicopee, Mass., a subsidiary of J. Polep Distribution Services, also of Chicopee.

E.E. Mucke & Sons is the second historic meat processor in Connecticut to sell to the same buyer in four months, according to the Hartford Courant. The Mucke’s brand and recipes will remain the same after the sale, but a Grote & Weigel, Inc. facility in Bloomfield will make the meats. Grote & Weigel, which was founded in 1890, was sold to Rachael’s in February.

E.E. Mucke has been a family owned business for about 93 years. The company has produced hot dogs, kielbasa and deli meats since 1919.