INDUSTRY, Calif. – Pocino Foods announced upgrades to the company’s manufacturing plant at a cost of $8 million.

The new plant building features separate areas for raw and finished products and the employees who handle those items by preventing workers from entering areas of the plant to which they are not assigned, according to the company. The expansion is the fourth-largest in the company’s history, Pocino said.

Additional renovations are nearing completion, Pocino Foods said. The renovations focus on production systems for cooked pizza toppings, meatballs and custom formulated products that require flash-freezing, according to the company.

“Providing the highest-quality products in the industry has always been a cornerstone of Pocino Food products,” said Frank Pocino, president of Pocino Foods. “The industry and today’s discriminating consumer demands safe products, and we are excited to integrate the most modern systems in the industry into our plant.”