DENVER — Quiznos is launching its Toasty Torpedoes line of sub sandwich line. The new sandwich is designed to mimic Italian and French baguette sandwiches served in Europe. Toasty Torpedoes are prepared on long, slim ciabatta bread and come in a sleeve to make them easier to eat. More than a foot long each sandwich is priced at $4 at participating locations.

Toasty Torpedoes are available in five varieties, including Italian, tuna, turkey club, pesto turkey and beef-bacon-and-cheddar.

"The addition of Toasty Torpedo sandwiches to our menu allows people to enjoy the great taste of Quiznos for just $4," said Rebecca Steinfort, chief marketing officer. "We realize that almost everyone is feeling the pinch in today's economy. An important way that Quiznos can help ease that stress is by offering people terrific value without sacrificing quality and taste, a gesture that started in January with our ongoing New Lower Prices campaign."

"At over a foot in length, Toasty Torpedoes are truly a culinary innovation," added Chef Zach Calkins, executive chef for Quiznos. "The combination of our butcher-quality meats, real cheeses and fresh produce served on artisan breads, brought to full flavor through oven toasting — and then delivered in a unique sleeve — gives our customers a whole new way to enjoy Quiznos' signature taste."

Quiznos officials are optimistic about the Torpedo line and are already working on creating other recipes, a company spokesman told

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