WICHITA, KAN. – Recent research indicates 65% of households containing more than four people are modifying their grocery shopping patterns due to economic pressures and 71% of consumers are cooking more at home and eating out less. As a result, many families are searching for ideas and resources to help stretch their food dollars even further. In response, Cargill said it is supporting its retail customers with value-focused meal options that are in demand.

A new promotional program from Cargill called "Feed the Whole Family for $10" includes point-of-purchase signage, on-pack stickers, four full-color recipe cards — each with a hearty ground beef recipe — and a Web site (www.groundbeefvalues.com) promoting $10 recipes. The promotion began in late February and will run through April 13 at approximately 1,100 retail grocery locations throughout the country.

This program helps retailers address the economic pressures their customers are facing by providing cost-effective meal solutions as well as all of the recipes and preparation tips they need, said Elizabeth Gutschenritter, Cargill brand manager.

"Our research shows that 30% of consumers are purchasing more ground beef than a year ago," she added. "Our goal in collaborating with retailers on this promotion is to ensure that consumers have a positive experience with the product by arming them with easy-to-prepare, great-tasting recipes that may provide a new experience with ground beef and spur repeat purchase."

"With current economic conditions as they are, for consumers, it’s all about value and how they can get more ‘bang for their buck,’" Ms. Gutschenritter said.

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