NORTHFIELD, Ill. – Steady progress is being made by Kraft Foods' employees in reducing the amount of manufacturing waste they produce as well as their environmental impact. As a result, they're finding better uses for waste plus turning manufacturing byproducts into new energy sources. To date, 36 Kraft Foods facilities have achieved zero-waste-to-landfill status—this includes 24 plants in Europe and 12 facilities in North America.

"We're waging war on waste, one plant at a time," said Christine McGrath, vice president of global sustainability. "Today, we have 36 facilities in 13 countries that send zero waste to landfills, and we've reduced our manufacturing waste by 50 percent since 2005. Our strategy is simple: generate less waste and find new uses for the waste we do produce. And our employees are doing just that."

Kraft’s employees are improving efficiency; changing behavior, business practices and culture; and creating new partnerships to turn waste into things of added value. Manufacturing accounts for the most of Kraft’s solid waste output, so its plants are an ideal place to initiate action.

Kraft launched a program with Sonoco Recycling in 2007, using its Sonoco Sustainability Solutions (S3) service offering to substantially reduce waste in plants. The ultimate objective is sending zero waste to landfills.
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