RANDERS, Denmark – Danish Crown announced plans to help pig growers invest in new buildings and convert sow stalls. Danish Crown's goal is to boost total production by 10,000 pigs a week or 520,000 more pigs for slaughter annually.

The company’s board of directors will offer subsidies for building new pig housing units and the conversions of old sow stalls. Danish Crown said the investment is aimed at addressing declines in production of pigs for slaughter. The company cited “significantly stricter political demands” imposed on the industry as an obstacle to raising pig production.

“We find that politicians are becoming more aware of the fact that the production of pigs for slaughter makes a significant contribution to the Danish economy,” said Erik Bredholt, chairman of Danish Crown. “And if we, as a company, can help to optimize this situation — and correct a buckling trend — then it obviously makes sense to do so.

“At the end of the day, it is obviously the politicians who decide whether Denmark should accommodate more pig production, and whether the framework conditions for making it possible should be introduced,” Bredholt said. “But this is a signal to the cooperative members that, as co-owners of Danish Crown, they can expect a bit more.”