SAN BRUNO, Calif. – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is introducing Goodies Co., a monthly food subscription service that will deliver “taster samples” of products. For $7 per month, subscribers will receive five to eight food products that may be categorized as healthy, organic, artisan or ethnic, according to the company.

The Goodies platform has been in the test phase for the past few months and currently has approximately 3,000 subscribers. Product selections will be organized based on a theme. For November, for example, the theme is “easy entertaining” and products included in the package range from wine, biscuits, pumpkin soufflé mix, dark chocolate-infused quinoa bars and white cheddar popcorn. Each package includes information that describes each food product in detail.

If a customer likes a product included in a package they may visit the Goodies web site and purchase a full-size version of the product. Subscribers will also be rewarded for reviewing products included in the service by the awarding of loyalty points which may be redeemed through the Goodies on-line store.